We are proud to work with different enterprises representing numerous industries globally. These industries chiefly include Contracting and Project Management/Development, Oil and Gas, Water and Desalination, Security and Defense, Healthcare, Telecom and Technologies, Manpower and Material Supply.

In pursuit of our mission to deliver unmatched solutions to our business partners, Dynamic Structures has developed certain core capabilities. These include:

  • Extensive local as well as regional support and presence.
  • Thorough overall market knowledge and intelligence.
  • Ability to nurture potent partnerships with varying stakeholders, both domestic and international.
  • Knowledge of business-friendly corporate registration processes.
  • Expertise in controlling and reducing startup establishment expenses.
  • Expert vendor pre-qualifications relating to products and services.
  • Superior documentation consultancy, especially for local and regional tenders.

These core skills have earned us the enduring trust of our business partners, which, in turn, always inspires us to accomplish our intended vision.

Key Business Partnerships

In a relatively short time frame, Dynamic Structures has built an impressive work range and executed several projects successfully for our business partners. We are pleased to highlight key business partnerships sorted by major industries:

  • Contracting and Project Management/Development

Dynamic Structures provides corporate support to a multinational contracting enterprise that designs sizeable projects all over the world. This company specializes in turnkey construction of key installations like airports, malls, sport arenas, industrial centers, logistics hubs, and educational institutions. Besides executing projects, the company also offers advisory services in the fields of project management, installation inspection, and overall real estate development. This business partner is proud to employ several real estate professionals, implement record daily construction activity, and exercise excellent cost control.     Additionally, Dynamic Structures assists a major contracting group that executes full-scale offshore installation, fabrication and well services, floating production projects, and marine consultancy for global offshore-energy corporations.

Dynamic Structures also supports a major company implementing all-purpose marine contracts worldwide. These contracts primarily cover onshore and offshore installations, marine and civil maintenance works, equipment supply, and marine consultancy. This business partner has numerous technical specialists, divers, and workers who ensure that the projects are completed within budgeted times and that they meet international safety norms. The company’s global clients include ministries, state authorities, and large private enterprises.

We are also delivering expert project management services to a notable real estate development company. This company is entirely funded by international financiers and has launched a major investment and resources diversification operation.

  • Oil and Gas

Dynamic Structures extends corporate support to top global oil and gas companies. Our partners in this industry undertake large-scale projects implementing activities like oil, gas, and water well drilling; pumping; well cementing; acidizing and matrix stimulation; coiled tubing development; fracturing; tubular running supervision; pipeline maintenance; and provision of relevant oil and gas equipment. These companies also offer expert consultancy in the areas of anti-corrosion solutions; specialized manpower; and overall well control and engineering.

  • Water and Desalination

Dynamic Structures has allied with a well-known company specializing in water purification systems and environmental development. Its products include superior anti-wastewater items like mechanical screens, clarifiers, belt conveyors, aerators, media filters, and more. This partner has successfully executed significant projects in several countries. The projects mainly comprise up gradation and restoration of factories without excessive civil construction and transforming small wastewater treatment plants into large-scale tailored installations.

  • Security and Defense

Dynamic Structures has partnered with a renowned international business group that provides superior intelligence, safety audit, security assessment, and risk reduction consultancy services. This group functions in several key areas like military outposts, refineries, dams, power plants, and airports. It counts many private and government organizations as its clients.

Moreover, we also service a close regional partner that offers patented safeguard and surveillance equipment, fully-functioning field hospitals, and unique solutions to prevent calamities due to oil and chemical transport.

  • Healthcare

Dynamic Structures provides a host of vital services in the healthcare sector. By working closely with our business partners, we are able to expertly assess the sensitive and urgent needs of this important business segment.


We are especially adept at supplying equipment to medical centers, hospitals and mobile hospitals as well as strengthening the operating systems of such organizations. Our trained personnel are also skilled at rendering superior facility management services for key healthcare enterprises.

  • Telecom and Technologies

We have partnered with a well-known telecommunications services provider. Under this alliance, Dynamic Structures offers all-purpose corporate services to help our partner offer improved development, outsourcing, and telecommunications infrastructure support.

  • Manpower and Material Supply

Dynamic Structures provides strong regional support and organizational counsel to an established recruitment consultancy in the United Arab Emirates. This recruitment consultancy possesses an official industry license and services numerous top 100 U.A.E. and global corporate clients.

Dynamic Structures furnishes excellent corporate advisory services to core players in the material supply sector.

We service a prominent manufacturer of high-quality uPVC (un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride) windows and doors that are supplied to owners, builders, and contractors internationally. Further, we offer multiple amenities to another enterprise making special visco-elastic products to control erosion and water damage. These products include superior offshore and onshore sealants, coating, and piping solutions.

We are delighted to confirm that all our business partnerships have always resulted in win-win situations.